3 day Desert trek from Fahraj to Dorbead:

 Direction: 45km south to 45 km north east of Yazd.

Trek includes a 3 day trek from Fahraj to Dorbead. This tour offers a variety of diverse terrain in the desert, hike on the 3000m peak of Dorbid and its magnificent cave and visiting beautiful oases and villages.

Created on a salt dome Qeshm is the largest island in Persian Gulf and the whole Middle East. Located in the strategic strait of Hormoz it has always been center of attraction for traders and adventurers. The diversity of different landscapes and valuable natural resources has made Qeshm an outstanding target for Iranian and international tourists. The Geo-Park has several unique geological sites which together with the union culture and exemplary hospitality of the local people and a very tasty sea cuisine creates joyful and memorable time for any traveler



Shirkooh Mountain hike;

 Alt: 4100m, Elevation 1600m

Direction: 50km west of Yazd. Starting early before the sunrise from Yazd 45 min drive to the starting point and hike for nearly 5hours in summer/6hours in winter, excluding the mid time breaks and get back to the bottom in about 4 hours. This hike can be started in the afternoon with overnight camping at the shelter at 3500m and ascend to the summit in the next morning returning from the mountain in the afternoon. No need for mountaineering gears but in winter especial clothing is required.


Full day hike from 75EUR/person.

Overnight camping from 110 EUR/person


Mount Damāvand, a potentially active volcano, which is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East as well as the highest volcano in Asia. It has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. Snow covers the entire mountain in winter and the upper parts in the other seasons. Damavand (in Persian دماوند) is surrounded by many good looking peaks of Alborz Mountains. The view of this huge mountain looks more attractive from away than close up. In a clear day it is visible far from 250 km.

Qashqai Lady baking bread


 Shiraz Nomad Tour


This tour is highly recommended for those travelers who choose Shiraz as their next destination after Yazd .  Direction: Yazd-Abarkooh- Qashqay nomads- Pasargadae- Naqshe Rostam- Persepolis and Shiraz.

We leave Yazd in the afternoon and after visiting Abarkooh we'll continue to the nomads in Pasargadae area. We'll stay the night with the Qashqay nomads and the following day we'll continue the tour to visit the places named above and complete the tour in Shiraz around the evening time.                                                                     

 Pricing: 75EUR/per person.