Evening/Overnight camping tour:

Direction: 45Km South-east of Yazd. Starting; in the afternoon from Yazd/ Farvardinn desert inn. Half an hour drive in a 4x4 Jeep to the sand desert followed by a short cruise over the sand will take you to the top of the highest dunes. We'll continue by riding camels and walking over the dunes to the top of a low desert mountain where you can enjoy the best scenery especially before the sunset when the glimmering red sand fade into the dark. When the night falls everyone gathers around a camp fire in between the dunes and cooks a delicious meal from fresh ingredients on the camp fire.  After the relaxing and elaborate dinner break, we’ll stare at the magic of the stars. Some astrological information provided by your guide is the cherry which comes on top. If this is not enough for you and want to spend a night in the desert, we will let the dreams go on with the magic while we sleep in our sleeping bags under the sky. We'll wake up with the first glimps of sun at dawn and enjoy the sunrise followed by a delicious breakfast served with tea around the fire. We have time to continue our venture by exploring more on the dunes to see it in different day lights. Return will be in the morning provided with transfer back to Yazd. 



Evening tour from 45EUR/person

Overnight tour from 65EUR/person


Pickup from Yazd,  4x4 driving, Camel riding, Tent, Sleeping bags, Camping facilities, Dinner and breakfast.


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