Farvardinn is very family friendly. Parents can enjoy watching their kids play joyfully in the yard or in the pool in the middle while sitting on benches provided for guests.  Share your travel experiences with other travelers and enjoy sitting under blue sky of desert while you will be amazed listening to Setar(Iranian music instrument) played by the host.

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Organic Garden

Your garden is your own little patch of the world to look after. Farvardinn Organic-garden though it is quite small, but there is so much love and effort spent there to keep it lively and cared for organically, to create a much better environment – for our guests, plants and nature. We would really appreciate if you advise us how to build fertile soil and control pests, recycle yard and kitchen waste, conserve water, and encourage biodiversity. You can pick up your own vegetable there and rustle up a healthy meal in our kitchen.

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"Rooms are very spacious, kept clean and very comfortable beds" we are glad to hear this from our guests very often. Some rooms have en-suite bathrooms with western toilet and others use shared bathrooms and toilets located in the second courtyard where there is the Biogarden. Depending on the season one can also decide to sleep in the 6-bed dormitory or on a bed in the courtyard. The latter option is best recommended in warmer seasons for travelers who want to  spend a night under the stars.

Accommodation in rooms with attached bathroom is 20EUR/person and in rooms with Shared bathroom is 15EUR/person. B&B in the dormitory or in the courtyard is 10EUR/person. Buffet breakfast is included in the room price.


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If you already had enough of Kebabs in Iran, Farvardinn is definitely a place to be for you. Our vegetarian friendly kitchen serves many types of homemade dishes and we are keen to give free courses of Iranian cooking to those who love to share an experience and bring a special souvenir back home. One Meal including drinks is 5€/person.

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